The Village of Youngstown, east of Hanna, could be about to grow, at least for part of the year.
A plan being worked on by village leaders and Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation would see Youngstown promoted as a place for snowbirds to stay over the summer.
"There's lots of people who go down south for the winters, but they always want to come home," stated economic development officer Trisha Sewell of Cactus Corridor. "They want to be with their families and do all the great things that we have here, and so we just kind of encourage them to be here with ther home base."
It follows the awarding to Youngstown of $76,800 from a fund set up by the Alberta Government to help communities with a coal based economy transition to other things.
"If we can start the work in June, we're hoping we'll know by fall as to whether this project has the feasibility," outlined Sewell. "If it does, then we want to work on a business case and action plan, so next summer we're actually implementing an action plan."
Sewell said they looked at a tiny homes subdivision, but scrapped the idea when they learned that most tiny home owners like to be closer to amenities. 
"Youngstown does utilise Hanna as an economic hub where they can come do their shopping and all those things," she conceded. "You've got to realize that all of these hamlets and villages and all of the farms that are within the Special Areas are equally as important to our area, and if we don't ensure that they're economically viable, it won't ensure that the whole region is economically viable."

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