Mark your calendars. Meteorologists from Environment Canada say winter should soon be over -- by their definition at least.

"By the calendar, meteorologists look at the beginning of March being the beginning of spring with March, April and May being the spring months," explained Meteorologist Dan Kulak. "March and April tend to be some of the snowiest months of the year. And, that's actually a sign that is spring: when you start getting warmer temperatures combined with a lot of snowfall. That tells you you're moving into summer, as weird as that sounds."

If you've been having debates around the water cooler about whether or not this has been the coldest or snowiest winter on record, Kulak has some answers for you.

First, so far, February has been colder than average, but the temperature is supposed to rise before the month is up.

"February has been rather cold compared to the longer-term averages," he said. "But, we do have a bit of a warm-up expected here. It does look like we're going to be getting into minus-single digits and maybe even close to the zero mark by the early part of next week."

As for snow -- the Drumheller weather station is not a reliable source of precipitation data for the area, so Environment Canada needs to look elsewhere to determine how snowy it has been in the area this winter.

"We have satellite-based measurements that look at the water equivalence in the snow pack across the area," he explained. "And, areas east and north-east of Calgary have a fair bit of water equivalent relative to the other areas. Drumheller is probably getting into an area where satellite measures are showing that there's a fair bit of water into the snow pack."

Earlier this month, Balzac Billy did not see his shadow when he woke up on Groundhog Day, suggesting a very unscientific early spring.

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