If you ask anybody in the Drumheller Valley who Trent Colberg is, chances are, they will know. Colberg is a little bit of a legend here in the valley, and especially in the Dragons world.

In 2009 Colberg had a banner raised in the Drumheller Memorial Arena, retiring his number. He said that being able to play in his hometown for his entire junior hockey career was very special to him.

After the Drumheller Dragons Colberg decided he was going to focus solely on his dream of becoming an Optometrist.Trent Colberg1Dr. Colberg

"I had the opportunity to play at a couple of different places, but decided to focus on schooling after hockey was done; I did my undergraduate in Lethbridge, and then I did my four years of graduate school in Portland, Oregon," stated Colberg.

In his career with the Drumheller Dragons Colberg recorded 27 goals, 47 assists, and 860 penalty minutes in 229 games played in the regular season. Being a part of a team can in many ways give you life skills, that you wouldn't get without that team spirit.     

"I guess in a way I was able to work at For Sight (Vision Centre) while I was playing, and then working with all the other guys on the team, you learn teamwork and you can translate that into everyday life," said Colberg.

Colberg is now living, and working in Calgary, and making his dream of being an optometrist a reality. He currently works for two different clinics that are mainly primary care and is really enjoying his time as Dr. Colberg.

"It's been good. You meet someone new every 20 or 30 minutes, which is kind of cool; it is a new challenge every day, but I have been enjoying it," explained Colberg.

Colberg's family is still in Drumheller, and his long term goals involve opening his own clinic, but for now he has a few more things he wants to do prior to that dream coming true.

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