The ice, snow and cold continue this week, and if you find yourself without an attached heated garage on both ends of your commute, you'll probably need to walk on any icy patch of ground or two.

Dr. Qais Janmohamed (Dr. Jay) of the Chiropractic Wellness Centre suggests being cautious when walking on the ice but, if the worst should happen and you take a spill, you don't need to panic.

"If you do have a trip and a fall, take some measures to check your breathing," he explained. "Tune into your body and see what's happening with it. If you feel like there is something wrong and you may have broken something, what I encourage you to do is either call for help or call emergency."

No one knows your body as well as you do, and listening to what it has to say should always be the first thing you do after a fall.

"Take that extra 30 seconds to a minute and check in with your body: "OK, how do I feel?" Check to see if everything is moving first when you're laying down and then try to stand up if you feel confident in that."

In some cases, you might stand up and continue about your day, only to later realize that something is incredibly wrong. To prevent a minor injury from worsening, keep a eye out for a little while after your fall.

"What I would always caution is: check for any bruising or redness or swelling in that area," Dr. Jay explained. "That's a real indication of any tissue damage that may be there and any inflammation. I would always suggest getting checked out somewhere, just to make sure that if there is anything that [happened], you get that peace of mind."

Drumheller is experiencing a period of extremely cold weather this week, and the double-digit negative temperatures are expected to continue through the New Year.

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