'Can you believe kids today?' The words are often accompanied by a snort of derision from the older generation, but that's not the case with Generation Z.
The age group born between 1996 and 2012 was the subject of a recent survey conducted on behalf of corporate consultant 'n-gen People Performance.'
"The survey results have actually been quite surprizing to us," admitted 'n-gen' president Giselle Kovary. "They're bringing back some of those traditional values: they want to be loyal to an organization, 89 per cent of them said they want job security, they want to stay with one employer for a long time, they don't think that they have to job hop to be successful in their career."
The core group that 'n-gen' was interested in is age 14 to 21, and Kovary said they are very different from Generation X and Millenials.
"They have a really strong optimism about their future as well as sort of balanced and realistic views, like 'I know that I need to do what my boss tells me to do'; 74 per cent of them agreed with that," she pointed out. "Over two thirds of the people said they think they would feel lucky to have a job instead of having an employer be lucky to get them as a new hire."
So why is Generation Z more like Baby Boomers than the generations that immediately preceeded them?
"Where Millenials were exposed to that parent that hovered over their child, Gen-Xers are taking much more of a hands off or free range parenting approach is what it's called, you sort of insert yourself only when needed," Kovary explained. "I think this generation understands that there are winners and losers even though on teams, everyone has gotten a trophy (and) I think that they're being prepared to enter into a work world with a little more balance and realism."
She says employers need to understand the generation's need for stability in order to attract Gen-Z workers. To learn more, follow this link.
Giselle KovaryGiselle Kovary.

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