It's official, Drumheller's new RCMP detachment commander is Drumheller's old RCMP detachment commander.
Kevin Charles, who became a sergeant with the force earlier this year, has been promoted to staff sergeant and given permanent command of the Drumheller Detachment.
"That 'for sale' sign that we had for the past year, being able to remove that was quite a pleasure," he confessed. "Now we can remain in the valley and Drumheller can be our home for the indefinite future; that's quite a pleasure."
Charles was actually pegged to take a job with the RCMP detachment in Brooks when he garnered his sergeant's stripe, but he was unable to sell his home and so could not make the move.
"A lot of people surprizingly were under the impression the RCMP would buy our house for us and they were shocked when I explained no, we're just like anybody else, subject to the same ups and downs of the housing market as everybody else," explained Charles. "The past year was quite stressful and frustrating."
Charles did take over command of the Hanna RCMP detachment for a while, but returned to Drumheller when Staff Sergeant Grant MacDonald took early retirement from the force for a government job in the Yukon. His place in Hanna was taken by Corporal Trent Sperlie, who is acting commander until the permanent office holder is ready to make the move.
"I think my biggest strength here is the members who are already posted here. There's three corporals that are extremely strong and the constables, the clerks, it's a pleasure to be here," stated Charles. "Coming back to a detachment that I'm familiar with is one thing, but having the employees here with their strengths makes it just a real pleasure to come to work every day."

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