If you feel like you have been living in a deep freeze lately, you would be right. We have been seeing temperatures significantly below the average for this time of year.

You may want to bundle up and hunker down in the next 24 hours as the weather is about to take another downward spiral.

"Well our model is suggesting this is going to last for another for or five days before it really starts to moderate into the middle of the next work week," explained Environment Canada Meteorologist Brian Proctor. "The really coldest sort of conditions will probably be overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, and the will really easily be able to gradually ease off."

As Western Canadians, we can all take solace in the fact that we are suffering through this together, one frozen limb at a time.

"This arctic air mass is really similar across all of Western Canada at this point in time. The coldest core of that arctic air is where is that high-pressure centre is and that is in the Northwest Territories right now, and it is moving into Alberta, north-east Alberta specifically, tonight. That is going to push a little more cold air down, which is going to be making those wind chills a little more extreme starting overnight and then into the overnight hours," continued Proctor.

The good news is that things are looking up weather-wise next week. Some may even feel like breaking out those shorts and sunglasses.

"Sort of by Wednesday and Thursday we are looking at highs in the minus single digits which will seam absolutely balmy after what people are experiencing," chuckled Proctor.

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