On February 24 this year, medically unnecessary and inhumane elective surgeries are now going to a legislature to be banned in the province of Alberta.

Three hundred veterinarians in Alberta voted on this matter and the ban passed, tipping the scales with 98 percent in agreeance.

"The Association took a vote, of all the vets of Alberta," said Dr. Groves of Drumheller's Valley Vet Clinic. "It's not in effect as of the 24th, but the Association has put it in place and it will go into legislation for Alberta. At some point, it will be added to the Practice Act."

This is to improve animal welfare in Alberta.

"The ban on surgeries is elective surgeries that haven't been considered to be as ethical or humane previous. Declawing, docking tails, and cosmetic things cropping ears, capping dogs teeth with gold plates, it's not necessarily always inhumane just things that are not absolutely necessary."

To put into perspective why deeming declawing cats is unnecessary, one method is done with a nail trimmer that severs the P3 bone in half, removing the claw and end part of this bone. Another technique, called tenotomy, is not a declaw, but a surgical procedure where the tendons that operate the claw are cut, but the claw remains.

Dog Breeders and Show enthusiasts may have to change the way they think their dog should look after this legislation is passed and eventually added to the Practice Act.

"Once the legislation is through, then I believe the Associations for the Kennel Club will have to change their breed standards. A dog that used to have a docked tail, no longer has a docked tail for show and people will get used to it," said Dr. Groves.

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