Trochu Valley School's Grade 3 class is smack dab in the middle of a very exciting class project that involves baby chicks. 

Teacher Brittany Chaffin thought this would be a good way to engage students when learning about animal life cycles.chick2A newly hatched baby chick

"We actually had a lady in Trochu that had an abundance of eggs, so she offered us some eggs, so I was like 'why not?' In grade three they learn about the life cycle of an animal in science in their curriculum. So, it was really cool to see it start in the egg and then now, as of this morning we have six chicks."

After accepting the eggs, the next part of the challenge was getting an incubator for the eggs. Chaffin saw one for sale in Alix and made the road trip down to get it.

"You can see the whole process through it and it is easy with the temperature and the humidity to keep the eggs alive," she continued.

The whole project centred around the life cycle of an animal which included some harder parts of life.

"You know, the first 20 days were pretty rough because they weren't doing anything. On day 13 we candled them and was able to see that we lost 8 eggs. You have to prepare the kids that when they come in on the next morning there isn't going to be as many eggs in the incubator, and that is just part of the life cycle," explained Chaffin. "It was really exciting for them to come in and hear and see the chicks. My ten kids were actually able to see the second chick come right out of the egg."

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