Sunday evening was outstanding for Trochu's fire department.

Four fire fighters received Exemplary Service Medals at the Annual Alberta Fire Chief's Association Conference.

"It was the award ceremony for members that have put in different years of service starting at 20 years and up to some members that received their third bar, which is over 50 years of service," stated Richard Hoppins, Trochu Fire Chief.

Hoppins noted that to him, or any other fire fighter, receiving this award is a prestigious honour.

"Putting in 20 years of service and giving up a lot of out time is pretty prestigious in terms of we don't get much reward in the fire service industry," he outlined.

"Receiving this is one of those things that we strive for, for 20 or more years of service. It's just amazing, it's on behalf of the Queen and our local municipal government applies for it for us; it's kind of their way of saying thank you."

Most might not know, but there's a bit of a family tree growing throughout the Trochu fire department.

"It's a passion of mine and it all started with my father who was on the department, then my brother and then myself. I unfortunately wasn't on the department at the same time as my dad, but my brother and I served together. It's a passion of mine and a labour of love," explained Hoppins.

Not only does Richard Hoppins have a family legacy with the department, but so do other fire fighters like Ken Wohl.

"His (Ken Wohl's) sons are on the department and his grandson. Same with Alan (Adam), his dad was on the department and Alan's nephew. The whole Trochu fire is a bit of a family trait, we have several other family members that are a father and son type of team. Trochu fire has a lot of family history."

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