While most of us have noticed the road construction going on around town this summer, the people who run the waterworks have also been busy.
They started to flush out drinking water lines a couple of weeks ago and will be working their way around town through the end of August.
"We wanted to get that information out to the public so that people know when we're in their area flushing hydrants, just as a precuation if they're doing laundry or their dishes or somethat like that," explained Darryl Drohomerski, Drumheller's Director of Infrastructure Services.
He says they flush out the lines every year to keep them as free of sediment as possible and to make sure that all hydrants are operable by the fire department.
"The sediment that's in the bottom of the pipes, even though the pipes are running full there is a little bit of sediment that precipitates out fo the water," noted Drohomerski. "You do have that ability to kick up a little bit of organic matter and it might show that the water becomes a little brown."
However, he assured us it is not harmful to drink even when it doesn't look very appetizing.
"The first thing we always suggest to people if they see a bit of coloured water in their taps is to run their taps: open up their bathtub (tap) or open up a couple of taps and run it for five or ten minutes just to see if the water (sic) goes away," he advised. "Most of the time it's the water in your house (that has sediment), especially if you haven't used a tap for a while."
If the colour persists, call the Town of Drumheller Infrastructure Services Department at 403-823-1330.
A map with planned dates for hydrant flushing can be found through this link.

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