It's a good time to build additions to your home and yard, but you may need a building permit.

With the weather beaming invitations to enjoy the outdoors, many locals have taken it as an invitation to begin building around their homes.  It's a great idea, says Town of Drumheller CAO Darryl Drohomerski., but he also wants to make sure you have the information needed before starting such projects.

"If you're building anything that you think is close to your property line, it's a great idea to make sure where your property line is," said Drohomerski. "What commonly happens on decks and fences, especially, is people tend to assume where their property line is and then construct their item, then find out later that they have built on someone else's property."

The first step, said Drohomerski, is to visit Town Hall and talk to someone who deals with these building permits.

"We can help guide (you to) where your property lines are, relative to your house," he stated. He further said that if it's a deck or a larger shed, you do need to have a development permit from the town.

Your neighbors also have the right to know what you plan on building within your property. A courtesy call allows you to inform your neighbor that there will be construction resulting in noise and an increase in foot traffic on your property.

"Anything over 102 square feet, you need to get a development permit and a building permit," Drohomerski concluded. "It's a lot easier to do that up front than it is later when we find out that the building, deck or shed wasn't built without a permit or approval., it'll cost you far more in the end to correct that mistake."

To find more information on building permits and contact information for those at the Town of Drumheller who can help, head to this link.

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