Since the Government of Canada announced their plan to legalize Cannabis by October, the Town of Drumheller has been tackling the issue with full force.

Town Council held a public hearing on June 25 for the citizens of Drumheller to address concerns about proposed land use Bylaw 06-18, in which will dictate where cannabis retail stores can open.

The current Bylaw 06-18 land use regulations proposition states that a cannabis retail store must have 150 meters separation from any school, 100-meters separation from hospitals, as well as a 300-meter separation from any other cannabis retail store.

Regulations and licensing of cannabis retail stores are controlled by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). It is very closely structured to how we treat liquor stores today.

Among those attending the public meeting were Jaydee Bixby and Patrick Parsons, who were opposed to the additional 50-meter boundary the town added around schools.

"What I am concerned about is that the land management people are trying to add more distance to the buffer zone between schools and hospitals than what the AGLC has already required, which is 100 meters." said Parsons.

Due to the Drumheller Outreach School being located on Center Street, the 150-meter boundary does not permit for a cannabis retail store on Centre street and the 100 Block of 3rd Avenue.

 "They should sell it like they do anything else. In a store that is visible to regular people and not on the outskirts of town," continued Parsons.

While Parsons was opposed to the bylaw school boundary lines, he is impressed by the openness of the town council and Drumheller citizens.

"I think that it is good that the Town of Drumheller is talking about the placements of cannabis dispensaries in town," stated Parsons.

The proposed bylaw is still in ther early stages and nothing has yet been decided upon by the town.


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