There are many drivers who are having to take a different route now that the town has gone through with their decision to close 10 Avenue on the east end of the Hunstview II subdivision.

The town chose to close the intersection after many residents complained about people speeding through the area.ARMEIADirector of Infrastructure Services, Armia Mikhaiel, at the stop sign open house on July 29

Back on July 29, an open house was held to discuss different traffic concerns in the Bankview area including 10 Avenue. The town provided different options for each issue, had residents vote on which option they agreed with most and also had a suggestion sheet for those who didn't agree with the options provided.

The town later decided the closure of the road at the intersection of 10th Avenue, SE, and 1st St, SE would be the best decision.

"Some are not happy about it. I have been in contact with some people, meeting them face to face on site. When I did the closure the same day, I stayed there for almost two hours to check how the drivers are reacting and what the impact of this was," explained Director of Infrastructure Services, Armia Mikhaiel. "The opinion changed by the end of the conversation when they heard the other side of the coin."

Most people had been using the road as a shortcut to get to Tim Horton's or the highway, and while Mikhaiel understands the frustration of the road closing, the safety of families living in the area is a huge concern.

"In my humble opinion, anybody with a small family or having kids, or even for someone who is living on his own it is much better for them to live in a quiet and safe area, rather than living in a place where you feel like you are living on the highway. So, I believe this will improve the (house) sales in this area, or I am hoping so," continued Mikhaiel.

A recent social media post has caused quite a conversation on the subject.

"It is not a random decision. We started this, we published it, we consulted with the residents and the public so it took almost three months since we started this and that is was the decision was based on  the feedback we received," concluded Mikhaiel.

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