Canadian income tax and benefit returns for 2016 are due on April 30.

"There are a lot of changes every year and it is hard for people to keep up, they (give) one thing one year and the next year they take it away," said Lydia Nastiuk, owner of H&R Block in Drumheller. "People are always not sure if they can claim it still or not."

"One of the big differences this year is that if you sold your primary residence you have to claim that on your taxes," explained Nastiuk. "It's not a taxable amount, but it is an amount you have to put on your income taxes this year."

If you are self employed the deadline is June 15 to file income tax and benefit returns.

"Make sure you file on time because if you are owing there are a lot of penalties (and) you can get in trouble with for filing late," added Nastiuk. "Even if you are not getting a refund, make sure you are filing on time."

If your payment is made and received by 12:00 a.m on May 1 the Canadian Revenue Agency will consider it on time.

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