With Christmas coming up, a lot of people are into decorating their homes and businesses. Hopefully, they're also into safety.
That's the wish of Drumheller Fire Chief Bruce Wade as the department prepares for any emergencies over the holidays.
"If you're getting a natural tree, make sure that they're watered weekly or daily so that they don't dry out," he advised. "They are almost explosive if you happen to catch them on fire and they're dry. Be checking when you purchase it and make sure it's not too dry and also check it throughout the Christmas season to make sure it is getting watered."
"If you want to see how fast a Christmas tree will go up, just Google it, there's lots of videos on them," he added. "Also, if you Google 'vintage fire - modern fire' it will give you an idea how quick a fire will spread in homes, now, with all of our synthetic materials."
Wade likes artificial Christmas trees treated with fire retardant. He's also a fan of LED tree lights because they don't get nearly as hot as incandescents. As for Christmas candles, Wade thinks they're okay, but don't leave them alone for any length of time, especially near something flammable. And, of course, make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order.
"If you didn't change the batteries when we changed the clocks, have a look at those. If it's over 10 years old, a smoke detector needs to be replaced," noted Wade. "You should be checking them monthly and have a (escape) plan with your family. With new construction in houses these days, you have about three minutes to get out of the home."
For more Christmas fire safety tips follow this link.

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