Although we live in a different country, the United States election updates have been all over our social media sites. 
On Tuesday, November 8, the citizens of the United States went to the voting booths and the outcome came to be Donald J. Trump as the President-elect. 
"I would say it was mostly surprise and amusement. The media obviously had a hayday with Trump running as a Presidential candidate because it was so unlikely that he would actually win and succeed," stated former Drumheller resident Kali Wade. 
Wade moved to Somerville, Massachusetts with her husband in early 2016 and first hand dealt with the Trump and Clinton election. 
"Massachusetts is democratic in regards to their Federal standpoint and between Chris and I, we spend every day at the Universities. For the most part, they're very young and international and educated students, so people don't generally support Trump," Wade added. "All of this added up to the great surprise of the election and him winning. It was sort of an unbelievable feat, people did not take it seriously here at all."
Once it was announced that Trump will become the next President of the United States, citizens started rioting throughout the streets to protest. 
"The Boston Common is a 15 minute bike ride away maybe, we don't pass by it in any of our commutes, but it was 6,000 strong on the Wednesday evening (November 9)," Wade told 99.5 Drum FM. "I think that it's been quite non-violence, it's been quite peaceful here. I know there's been police presence for the whole thing sort of monitoring to make sure that nothing gets too out of hand. There's been protests at least two nights last week and there's also been a separate protest in the same location for the Keystone Pipeline apparently. The day after the election it was just solemn here. People are truly in mourning and experiencing grief. I can't say that many people are talking about it anymore, it's just a really sad situation." 
"Trump was saying some pretty dangerous things when he wouldn't acknowledge the outcome of the election to begin with. I think he was sort of hoping that the same things would happen for him if he wasn't elected. Now that he's elected and the other side is doing this, he'll go on Twitter and say this is unfair and you shouldn't be protesting. By him not acknowledging the outcome of the election, maybe these are things he should have thought about before," Wade reported. 
Wade stated that the residents in the States could go on about the pitfalls of Trump, but that's just not how democracy works. 
"Just because you don't like the outcome, do you go have these huge riots and protests? I think they were burning an effigy of Trump's head in California. Those are pretty powerful things to do and you have to respect the system that you're in. As much as you don't like the outcome, it's a privilege to have democracy. If it doesn't go your way, do you throw out the game completely? That's a pretty scary thing to do," expressed Wade. "People just need to be extra aware of either hate crimes, if they're happening, to be there and support their fellow citizens and just come together."
"A lot of this has been love and hate, and it doesn't need to be this way. There are parallels that have happened in Canada with the Republican Party sort of representing that same values as the Conservatives. It doesn't mean that if you have opposing points of view, you can't still respect your fellow people. I think this election has a big message to the world and I hope people unite instead of divide."
Donald J. Trump's inauguration will be on January 20, 2017, where he will be sworn in on the steps of the US Capitol and take over the White House as the new President of the United States from the current President, Barack Obama. 

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