On Friday, April 6, the Rosebud Opera House opened its doors to a full house of spectators for Driving Miss Daisy's opening night.

With the old barn turned into a theatre, 232 seats were filled during the performance. Paul Muir, Tom Pickett and Judith Buchan portrayed the three characters in Driving Miss Daisy; Boolie Werthen (Muir), Hoke Colburn (Pickett), and Daisy Werthen (Buchan).

This performance was Pickett's third interpretation in the role of Hoke Colburn.

"The challenge is to not go on automatic," explained Pickett. "This play can be successfully portrayed as Hoke as the comic relief. If your heart gets moved along the way, that's not a bad thing."Going GolfingBoolie(Paul Muir) and Hoke(Tom Pickett)- Photo Courtesy by Morris Ertman

Judith Buchan returns to Rosebud to convey Miss Daisy.

"The journey to do this show, I knew, would be very special," said Buchan speaking to 99.5 DrumFM. "It's just an incredible privilege to sink my teeth into a fantastic role with two other amazing actors."

"The play is so well written," Paul Muir explained. "It's actually really easy to just slide into this amazing interaction that happens between these characters."

"There are so many laughs and there's lots of charm. There's love, it's not easily achieved, but there is love," Buchan reviewed. 

Rosebud Theatre is showcasing Driving Miss Daisy from now until May 19. To purchase tickets, follow this link.

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