Heritage long weekend is upon us and with the historical holiday comes increased traffic.

The Alberta RCMP are implementing #SummerSaftey tips focused towards distracted and young drivers. Drivers could be those operating a road vehicle, water vehicle or all-terrain vehicle. Regardless of what you choose this weekend, the Drumheller RCMP will be encouraging everyone to be safe on or off the roads.

The Drumheller area, according to Constable Eric Doucette, has been doing well in the realm of safe driving habits.

"Recently I have noticed a decrease in distracted drivers, not to say that they aren't out there," explains Constable Doucette. "As far as catching them in the act, at least, I do find the numbers are down slightly from this same time last year and over-all, this year as a whole."

Tips the RCMP are sharing with local drivers are:

Always apply the same sensible safety rules to all vehicles, including recreational ones- Drivers and riders should wear vehicle-appropriate safety gear such as a seatbelt, helmet and (life) jacket.

Keep your eyes and attention on the road- Avoid becoming distracted by your cell phone, eating, attending to other passengers in the vehicle or pets and self-grooming. These all increase the risk of collisions.

"People in Drumheller, at least, are getting the point that distracted driving isn't a great thing to do," the Constable continued. "And are behaving quite well when it comes to distracted driving."

Other tips the RCMP are volunteering are some serious ones:

Do NOT drink and operate a vehicle or boat- Drinking and driving laws apply equally to the operation of vessels on the water as much as they do to motor vehicles on land.

Do not adopt aggressive driving habits- Speeding, tailgating, cutting off other drivers, road raging and stunting are all behaviours that put other motorists, including yourself, at risk of a collision.

Constable Doucette does comment there tends to be more collisions this time of the year due to the increased volume in tourists and drivers passing through the town but is overall impressed with Drumheller's driving habits.

"I would like to give a 'Congratulations' to the people of Drumheller for doing much better with distracted driving," Constable Eric Doucette concludes.

The Alberta RCMP, including the Drumheller detachment, want to spread awareness through this coming weekends campaign, #SummerSafety that focuses on all the pointers mentioned above. If you find yourself within the valley this weekend or somewhere on a lake, take responsibility and remember your #SummerSafety tips.

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