A plane pilot followed a suspect in his aircraft as RCMP rushed to catch multiple thieves.

Like something out of a high-octane TV series, The Drumheller RCMP, as well as other RCMP units, raced to catch three or more crime-doers as three vehicles were stolen, with one of the said vehicles stolen right out of a local women's front yard.

The information came across the desk of the Drumheller RCMP October 23, describing that a vehicle had been involved in a hit and run in the Bassano area and that the suspect was headed towards Drumheller. Acting Detachment Commander Gerald Sherk and other RCMP quickly sprang into action after a report came in that someone had seen the vehicle that was described heading our way.

"We received a report of a vehicle matching that description hitting a vehicle on someone's property down near Dalum," explained Sherk. "The complainant in that situation happened to be a pilot who was in his plane and was able to keep an eye on the vehicle for us and give us updates to where it was while we were still trying to get to that rural location."DrumRCMP 2

While the RCMP and aircraft pilot were in pursuit of that stolen vehicle and suspect, another call came into the RCMP about, yet again, a stolen vehicle within the municipality of Drumheller. Two suspects broke into the home of a woman, who was home at the time, stole her purse and the keys to her Toyota Rav4 and then proceeded to make off with her vehicle as well as another vehicle that was reported stolen. At this point, the RCMP were now in pursuit of and looking for three separate vehicles and suspects.

"We continued looking for these vehicles and ultimately found the woman's Rav4 and recovered another stolen vehicle down near Cambria," said Sherk. "We were lucky because we had our emergency response team training in the area so they were able to assist with additional resources in trying to locate these vehicles as well as some police dog services who were quick to respond."

The aircraft pilot lost sight of the vehicle identified in the Bassano hit and run, so too did the Drumheller RCMP and supporting units as Sherk said it was one thing to try and capture the suspect in the stolen car, but another to do it so there is no loss of life. The hit and run vehicle was recovered in Strathmore.

"We did arrest one male who will be facing charges in relation to these stolen vehicles and we have other suspects that we are still actively pursuing and following up on," said Sherk.

The suspect's name has not yet been released but they are a resident of the valley.

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