It's the grand opening day for the Trekcetera museum in their new Drumheller home.

On Wednesday, April 12, local tourism businesses had the opportunity to have a sneak peek preview of our newest tourist attraction.

"There's definitely more stuff to see than I would have guessed and lots of different movie and TV memorabilia here," stated Marley Henneigh, Chamber Services Coordinator. "I think it will be really great for Drumheller. There's lots to see for sure, definitely not just Star Trek although those items are pretty cool too."

"I really liked the Hell on Wheels exhibit. I watched the show from beginning to end, so it was cool to see those costumes and props," outlined Henneigh.

FCSS Coordinator, April Harrison, talked more on how she is expecting to see the museum jam packed this summer full of tourists.

"I think people are going to have a really good time here and I can just imagine during the summer when we're full of tourists that this place will be fully packed. I'm excited to see what it will look like once it's completely finished as well and I'm sure it's going to be a big hit," explained April Harrison, FCSS Coordinator. "The staff are really knowledgeable and obviously have put a lot of time, energy, effort and thought into how they're going to lay this out. They've got great big plans for the future, so it's all so exciting."

So, what was your favourite exhibit?

"I had a little bit of a geeking session because they have a Harry Potter section. They have a the letter and the will of Dumbledore, so that bit was definitely my favourite bit. The Star Trek section where they have the bits where you can get your photograph taken was pretty cool too and they even have stuff from the Titanic which was really nice," Harrison noted.

Some of the guests that attended the sneak peek preview were the World's Largest Dinosaur staff, the Drumheller and District Chamber of Commerce and of course Mayor Terry Yemen.

"Another fantastic attraction for Drumheller. This is an attractor, it's not just something that people are going to go 'hey look at that' because it's something that's going to bring people here," expressed the Mayor. "It's looking at a completely different dynamic. Right now we're dinosaurs, but now there's a whole different group of people who will come see the Star Trek museum and see the Hell on Wheels display. I think it will be a real asset to Drumheller," Yemen mentioned.

There's a wide range of exhibits from the Titanic to Star Trek to Pirates of the Caribbean, but those weren't the Mayor's most enjoyed exhibits.

"I'm going back to Hell on Wheels and I actually had the opportunity to meet the actors. I was in Calgary with John Scott, he's the guy who provided all the horses for them, so that's my favourite."

Trekcetera opens today, April 14, at 9:00 a.m.

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