The weight for bridge 11 on Highway 10x in Wayne has been reduced to three tonnes.

The 100-year-old bridge southeast of Drumheller has recently been inspected and was determined that after this past spring flood activity, the bridge is no longer structurally sound for weights over three tonnes.

"We get inspections done every couple of years to our bridges. A few years ago that one (bridge 11) was identified as needing to be repaired or most likely replaced in the next several years due to age and deterioration of the bridge structure," explained Drumheller CAO Darryl Drohomerski.

Bridges 9 and 10 were also inspected this week with no immediate attention needed. Most structurally sound bridges can take a load of 16-24 tonnes but becasue if the intense degredation of bridge 11 over the past two years, retrictions have gone down to three tonnes. 

"For the immediate future, we have reduced the amount of weight that travels across the bridge and then look at the imminent replacement of it in the next year," Drohomerski continued. "If we didn't do those two things, we would probably have to close the bridge down just because of the threat to public safety."

Drohomerski said that they have contacted the school bus company which uses that bridge to make a route change immediately.

"Bus companies are going to have to drive down, through Rosedale, up into Wayne and then come back down the same road to be able to collect the kids for school," Drohomerski suggests.

Bridge 11 is on the capital budget list for replacement, pending grant funding. The town has applied for a STIP (Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program) grant to repair the bridge the last two years and will do so again this year.

The town will also be applying for Disaster Recovery Program funding for this project.

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