The results are in! A survey to determine who the next big performer to come to the Badlands Ampitheatre has been tabulated and the winner is The Corb Lund and Ian Tyson Show.

Executive Director of the Badlands Ampitheatre Vance Neudorf explained that the 99.5 Drum FM survey was part of a province-wide survey.

"Just local Drumheller, Trooper was hitting the stride and being higher but, if you combine that together with my previous survey to all the concertgoers province-wide, the two together say that Corb Lund and Ian Tyson is the way to go."

Although the concert will be in Drumheller, Neudorf pointed out that out-of-town residents should have a say as well because the show won't sell out solely with Drumheller residents.

"We could get a decent crew out to a Trooper concert, but not enough to pay the bills," stated Neudorf. "They'll attract a nice, local bunch, but the production of that is still pretty up there."

An offer has been made to get The Corb Lund and Ian Tyson Show to the site this summer. Neudorf explained that the show has sold out every date so far.

"What people don't understand is that this is a very unique show because it's not Ian Tyson opening for Corb Lund's band. This is The Corb Lund and Ian Tyson Show. They're on stage together the entire time."

The other survey choices were City and Colour, Huey Lewis and the News and Jann Arden. Neudorf said that if he can't get The Corb Lund and Ian Tyson Show, he'll prepare another offer to go after Trooper.

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