April is stress awareness month, and DrumFM talked with Renee Nuttall, Health Educator and Exercise Specialist from The Alberta Healthy Living Program, and she gave us some tips and tricks to help deal with stress.

stress3Renee Nuttall, Health Educator and Exercise Specialist"First identifying what the stressors are, is there an opportunity to remove that, or can you reduce your exposure to it, can you change your mindset on how you look at it, can we improve our communication skills? [These] are ways [to help] when you look at the problem," explained Nuttall. She continued giving us another healthy way to deal with stress when it is in the moment.

"Deep breathing. Six deep breaths have been shown to calm our physiology and to manage the situation a little differently then we would have if we went in red hot," continued Nuttall.

Chronic stress happens when you are exposed to a stressor for a long time and can be very unhealthy for you. Procrastinating to write papers for school or not paying bills are some ways that chronic stress will start to build up on you. Nuttall explains some of the resulting side effects of chronic stress.

"We could get cardiovascular issues, also immunity issues because, initially under stress, our immune system is boosted, chronically over time that would break it down. Our liver dumps sugar into the bloodstream and there is a connection there to diabetes," concluded Nuttall.

We live in a society where stress is all around us, but not always in physical forms. Make sure to know what stressors are affecting you, so you can prevent problems that chronic stress can lead to.

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