Business at the Badlands Community Facility is going well despite the decline in numbers that usually occurs during the summer.

"The weather has been so nice outside to a point then you get to where it's extremely hot and people are wishing they were inside," said Darren Goldthorpe, Manager of Recreation, Arts and Cullture. "There is a little bit of a decline right now but that happens over the summer months anyways."

Goldthorpe added people vacation a lot more during the summer, which contributes to the decline.

"Everything is going well," noted Goldthorpe. "We've got Camp BCF running right now and we're seeing our numbers increase each week with that program and the kids are getting to experience some new and exciting things on a weekly basis."

"Weddings have taken over on the weekends in the facility so we're doing well in that area," explained Goldthorpe. "Of course the fitness and field house area are available throughout the day for any type of drop in admissions or membership workouts."

The Fall and Winter Program Activity Guide will be released in September.

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