Temperatures are rising here in the valley, which makes most locals excited to get outside, but there are some dangers when it comes to the sun.

Protecting yourself from the sun is easy to do and will save you from sunburns and heat stroke that may cause a halt to your summer time plans.

"Things like considering rescheduling your outdoor activities to cooler parts of the day, which would be the more evening hours. Take some breaks and stay out of the sun as much as possible," suggested Dan Kulak of Environment Canada. "I know with these warm temperatures you are tempted to take all your clothes off sometimes to stay as cool as possible.

In addition to the heat of the great outdoors, the sun poses other dangers as well.

"Keep in mind, there is always UV index to consider. We do have high UV in the summer time. Just stay hydrated and if you need breaks just go into the shade,"
continued Kulak.

For those who work outdoors, or can't be cooped up inside be sure to prepare your body.

"Wear light clothes and long sleeves. Apply sunscreen of, at least, SPF 30 twenty minutes before you have to go to work or going outdoors. Drink lots of water, hydrate as much as possible. If there is no way around (going outside) protect yourself and be aware of when you need to seek help," said Dr. Mohammad Moseli of Alberta Health Services.

Symptoms of heat stroke include dizziness, lack of sweating and fatigue.



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