The fire in Morrin is now under control due to fire crews efforts.

This morning the Starland County office building erupted into flames. First reports couldn't suggest what set off the fire but new information may hint at a possibility.

"First indications were that it(the fire) started on the north side of the building in the basement," said Starland County CAO, Shirley Bremer.starland2Thick plumes of smoke fill the roof interior of the Starland County Office Building

"We do have an electrical room down there," she continued. "We also have our server room down there. Possibly from that area, is where the fire looks to have started."

The CAO cannot completely confirm the cause of the fire and can only speculate from evidence provided to her from fire crews tackling the situation.

"It did burn into the upper floor and now is in the roof," she concluded. "They (fire crews) are having difficulties getting it under control. We still have flames and smoke and it's devastating."

The fire has since been put out, leaving the remnants of what once was the Starland County Office's.

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