Nearly five months later, the clean up of the Starland County Offices begin.

On May 25 this year, the Starland County Office building burned down due to a supposed electrical fire in the office's server room. More the half of the building was engulfed in flames as Starland employees watched their building breath black smokey heat.starland (1)Current condition of the downed Starland County Office

Five months later and the husk of what once was remains on the ground as Starland workers operate out of beautifully designed portable office.  Shirley Bremer, Chief Administrative Officer for Starland County, commented that the clean up has begun but they are months away from knowing what is going to happen.

"It's out of our hands. The insurance company hired a demolition team and they actually just started last Friday," said Bremer. "Then they experienced some equipment failure and got back at it this week."

As DrumFM visited the Starland Portable Offices, we noticed crewman on the site of the burned building clearing debris of what once was the second floor of the Starland building. Bremer goes on to say that the insurance company says that some of the building is still salvageable, although she and Starland colleagues disagree.

"They have told us they are going to demo the upper east half of the building. They've got a track-hoe in there and they've got guys in there hauling stuff out," Bremer explained. "It finally has a little progress there because we've waited several months to see anything happen."

starland (4)The portable offices Starland employees are usingBremer says that this is a chance for the Starland County Offices to find and create new ways of dealing with business within the county including better record keeping habits as up to 95% of their old records were paperback and destroyed in the fire. The County now looks forward to the future as a possibility of a brand new office space hovers above the direction of their insurance company.

"We will be waiting to hear what our insurance adjusters come up with. If they think we can actually rebuild in the old site, which we feel is perhaps not the best situation for us," claimed Bremer. "With all the water damage and the sludge that is in there and the mold that has grown; it just seems unrealistic to think that we could actually be back in there."

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