On April 10, Students at St. Anthony's School in Drumheller returned from a trip to Japan.

"We were there for 11 days: two of those were flying days," said Kurt Phillips, humanities teacher at St. Anthony's. "We visited Tokyo, Hakonai, Odawara, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and a few places in between."

This is the second overseas trip students at St. Anthony's have had the chance to attend. The first was to central Europe.

"The students range from grade 10 to grade 12,"outlined Phillips. "Many of them have traveled with me before to central Europe."

The students took part in regular tourist activities as well as visiting ancient castles and the Hiroshima Memorial, and ate a lot of Japanese food.

"The focus was on ideological systems. What led to the bombing (at Hiroshima) and why it occurred?," Phillips explained. "We immersed ourselves, as much as we could, into the culture."

Phillips is planning another student trip in 2020. The possibilities include Scandinavia, Portugal and Spain.


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