With the provincial election coming up on April 16th, it is time to start thinking about getting registered for voting. You are able to pre-register to make the voting process faster on the day of the election or at the advanced polls.

"You can check in advance to see if you are registered and if you are not, you can to that online, 24/7, on our website. By providing a name, address and personal information, we will add you to the register which means you would be on the voter's list. You must do that before the last day on the last day before advanced polls, which would be on the 8th of April," explained Drew Westwater, the Deputy Chief Electoral Officer for the Province of Alberta.

If you do not pre-register that is okay, you will be able to register to vote at the polling station on the day of the election or the advanced polls.

"So, you would have to show up at a poll with an identification, either government issued ID with your photo on it and your name and address or two pieces of ID, both with your name and one with your address. You'd fill out a form which is called a declaration at the poll. Once you get added to the list and you would get a ballot and vote just like anyone else," continued Westwater. " You can be added and registered at the polls on election day, but it is a lot quicker if you do it in advance."

Though there is an advantage to pre-registering to vote, it is not mandatory. Although, Drew Westwater reiterates that it makes the process more efficient.

"If you register to vote, you will automatically be on the voter's list on election day. All you have to do is walk in, give your name and address. They will give you a ballot, you vote and you will be out of there in no time. That is the advantage of being registered to vote, you will be on the voter's list," concluded Westwater.

If you would like to pre-register for election day, click here to follow the link.

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