People in the Drumheller area woke up in a bit of a haze this morning and it wasn't of their own doing.
Environment Canada has issued a special air quality statement because of smoke that has moved into the area from forest fires in the interior of BC.
"People may experience such things as coughing, throat irritation, headache, shortness of breath," outlined Greg Peters, the Director of Protective Services for the Town of Drumheller. "We urge anyone with children, senior citizens or anybody with any cardiovasular or lung disease to seek medical help if need be if they find any condition aggravated."
Anyone susceptible to the smoke is advised to stay indoors and not to use air conditioning, a window fan or anything else that brings outside air inside. You're also advised not to wear a mask as protection from the smoke.
"Wearing a mask with poor air quality can actually give somebody a feeling that they have a degree of immunity from the condition, but in fact, it can make it worse," explained Peters.
"It's supposed to clear out by tonight: I certainly hope that's the case," he added. "Anybody with any concerns that wants more information, they can certainly call me (403-823-1363): I'm not an expert, but I can get them information."
You can also leaern more about air quality advisories through

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