Who are we, where are we going and how do we get there? Those are questions on the minds of Drumheller Town Council.
Council's first Committee of the Whole meeting spent some time on a proposed rewording of a formal vision statement for the town.
"I think to get started, we have to understand what it is we're trying to accomplish, what is it that the people want to see," explained Mayor Heather Colberg. "I believe that if we can create a vision for the people, we'll all join together and pull as a group, as a community, as a team, to all focus on the same direction."
"We want to become the friendliest, cleanest, most sought after community in Alberta," Colberg outlined, restating the slogan she used during her election campaign. "Whether it turns out to be that vision or how we end up coming up with it, I think it has to be simple. I would love to see a very simple statement that's posted in businesses throughout Drumheller so that we're all feeling part of the same thing."
In addition to a vision statement, councillors and administrators are tasked with coming up with a mission statement and a set of values for Town Hall. Colberg admits council can't do those alone.
"We have to get the people that work in the town involved because they're the ones that are going to help us create the vision," she noted. "We have to unite together to make these things happen; this isn't just something the new council's going to do. The new council has to start the ball rolling and I think that's where we're at."
Town employees will be canvassed for their input and councillors were sent home to mull it over for the next couple of weeks before bringing it back to council for discussion and passage.

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