This past August, close to 160 riders and their supporters got together north of Trochu on a Sunday to raise money for the STARS air ambulance helicopter service.

This past weekend, some of the organizers of the annual Trail Ride For STARS visited the service's headquarters in Calgary. They took with them a cheque for $50,747 to help keep the choppers flying.

"Selfishly, it's cool, but you kind of represent everybody from the area and our STARS Ride that helps to generate money to keep those guys and gals up in the air," noted Rob Richmond. "You can kind of see the rewards that we get."

Members of the Rumsey Agricultural Society, which sponsors the annual trail ride, got to meet flight and ground crews for STARS and inspect one of their rescue helicopters up close.

"The little logo that we always use with the horse on it, it's right on one of the tail wings of every one of the helicopters," pointed out Richmond. "Wendy from STARS said it's one of the logos that a lot of people look at because they said it's the only logo on all of the helicopters that actually has a horse on it."

Saturday's donation brings the amount raised for STARS through the Rumsey Trail Ride to more than $820,000 over 29 years and Richmond said they're already looking ahead to Year 30.

"We've already got people ask 'what are you guys doing?' and I said we're just kind of in the preliminary stages," he told Drum FM. "We're really looking forward to next year and hoping to do something even bigger than what we've been doing."

The Rumsey Trail Ride For STARS is already the longest running community fund raiser for the bright red choppers.

STARS RICHMOND 2Richmond and his mom check out the Rumsey Trail Ride logo.


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