Following Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and The Amish Project, the Rosebud Theatre's opening night for The Diaries of Adam and Eve was well attended on September 7, 2018.


The story is a re-telling of Mark Twain's version by the same name which adds child-like playful banter between the two characters as well as a sense of discovery and coming into one's-self.

DrumFM caught up with Bruce Davies and Heather Pattengale who portray Adam and Eve in the production.

"It is a very light, witty look at their(Adam & Eve) relationship," explained Davies. "It really pokes fun at humanity and those little things between couples. So, it's been really fun in that regard."

Davies comments that playing Adam comes with it's challenges but once he got to know the character within the context of the script, it felt like him.adameve1The Diaries of Adam and Eve run until October 20, 2018

"Adam is the first man so there's no pressure on my part," joked Davies. "I think the most interesting part of this role is the journey that he takes. Really, the way Twain has developed this story; It progresses through his life time. So he hits all those major milestones that one would typically face in their life."

Heather Pattengale, a new mother, could also relate to the character of Eve as she felt the nurturing connection between her and her character. She was also a co-playwright on the production.

"The first time I read this script I connected to Eve immediately. I don't feel it was a huge stretch from who I naturally am," said Pattengale. "To get into her, I guess, I just tap into those parts of myself that are curious and enthusiastic about the things I love and passionate about the people that I love."

Throughout the production, Davies and Pattengale bounce off of each other's energies to tell a compelling romantic comedy that surprises you with its laughs and reminds you of your humanity with its more serious moments.

"It's a big demand on energy levels. Especially just being two people," she says. "Neither of us really ever leave the stage. So there's no time to breath in this show. It's just go, go, go."

The Diaries of Adam and Eve will be at the Rosebud Theatre until October 20, 2018.

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