In only a few days, Rosebud will be decking the halls with a Christmas theatre production. 
Rosebud Theatre will be presenting Miracle on 34th Street. 
"Classics are classics for a reason and this one is certainly that. It's really exciting to bring this one to the stage. You ask about one of my favourite things around Christmas and like I say family is one of them and this story is really about that. This story is really about a group of people discovering how important family is and discovering that around Christmas," stated Paul Muir, Director of Miracle on 34th Street. 
The original movies and characters have created such an impact in our lives that this will be a tough shoe to fit. 
"I do remember watching the original one, the 1947 one with Edmund Gwenn, when I was for sure just a little kid. I remember being so transported by this idea that Santa Claus was real and it was about belief," Muir outlined. 
"Tim (Dixon) has actually been working on this role for months. He and I had some e-mails back and forth, because he lives on Vancouver Island, months and months ago when he started growing the beard. We'd have e-mails back and forth on how's the beard going, what kind of beard should it be, long or short, full or thin and he's been working on this for months and it shows," explained Muir. 
With the originals being such a huge hit and success, do you think this creates a enormous amount of pressure on yourself and the cast?
"It's interesting, I'm not sure on the pressure to do a good show because what we're doing is this theatre version. What people are going to come and see here will retain the absolute heart of both films, however it will be told in a very unique and different way," Muir told 99.5 Drum FM. "We're still going to get all those marvellous relationships, all those marvellous story bits and the heart of the beautiful story, but told within the context of theatre can bring an extra level of Christmas magic with it."
Miracle on 34th Street starts up on November 11 and runs until December 23 at Rosebud Theatre. Ticket information can be found through this link

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