Recognizing that a board can't act alone, the Rosebud Theatre Board called a community meeting to find out what works in the hamlet and what doesn't.

Jack Hayden is the Chair of the Board. He explained that Rosebud is facing stiff competition for dwindling disposable entertainment dollars and the board wanted to hear some fresh ideas.

"Some of it is that, when people come to Rosebud, they have trouble locating where they're going," Hayden said. "And, when people go to these types of entertainment events and have a little time on their hands, you want them to be able to wander around and see what it's all about."

Although not everyone in Rosebud is directly employed by the theatre, its success drives the local economy. Hayden pointed to this year's line-up as an example of the theatre picking shows that will get visitors into town.

"There's a lot of people who have a significant investment in bed and breakfasts, RV parks and whatnot. It's important for Rosebud Theatre and the school to succeed because the community is so dependent on it. There are so many small, rural communities that have gone by the wayside because they haven't found a way to re-invent themselves."

A significant issue hindering Rosebud's re-invention is the lack of a wastewater treatment facility. Without one, the hamlet is unable to build new developments, including some much-needed housing.

"[We had] discussions on things like: new environmentally-friendly wastewater treatment so we can get some more development because we're short on housing. Also, the possibility of a market garden. Possibly making use of students in costume to greet people when they come into town."

Hayden elaborated, saying that many visiting actors are unable to find accommodation in town and are forced to commute in from Calgary. With long days filled with rehearsal or performances, these commutes can be quite tiring.

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