It looks like the Town of Drumheller opened up a can of worms when it decided to switch the stop signs at 7 Ave. and 1 St. SW to halt north-south traffic as opposed to east-west traffic on the avenue.
The move was in response to complaints from Bankview residents who said motorists were speeding through their neighborhood, using it as a short cut to the south end of town. Now, people living on 7 Avenue are complaining.
"I'm really excited because administration is going to set a date where the people in the communities that are affected wil be able to gather and come and give their views," stated Mayor Heather Colberg after a lengthy discussion in Council Chambers on Tuesday night. "That's why we are working hard on this public participation policy, so that we have things like this."
Councilors debated whether to put stop signs for both north-south and east-west traffic at the intersection.
"The other concern is the traffic flow through 10 Avenue, how it's kind of cutting in through the community," she added. "The people, like I say, that live in those communities are the ones that will have a voice. I haven't got the date yet, but it will be in the next couple weeks and they'll be able to meet and give their opinions"
The town did install a speed bump on 10 Ave, SW just before the intersection with 1 St. and some councillors thought that should be enough to slow through-traffic, but Colberg said that's not what she's been hearing.
"My preference, going by the number of calls and emails, looks like most people are looking for the four way (stop signs} plus the closure at 10th," said Colberg. "That's just what I'm hearing; I've heard from a lot of them, but that's (public meeting) where they get their say."
Intersection1 St, SW at 7 Ave, looking south.

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