There is some trickery in the valley regarding local women being invited to a "gifting cloud" group event.

This event persuades women to "invest" a sum of money, with the guarantee of a $40,000 payout in six months to a year.

"It has been known as a gifting circle, or a pay it forward cloud. They will make it seem like a very exclusive event, and invite people to a meeting. And over the course of usually of one or two of these visits, they will talk more about these opportunities and they make it sound like this great financial investment," explained Constable Rachel Pergunas.

Pergunas mentioned that this type of activity is called pyramid schemes, which are illegal in Canada.

"They are encouraged to invest $5,000. They are expected to recruit a few friends that will be required to pay $5,000 as well. And in the end, after four to six months, sometimes up to a year, depending on how fast you can recruit people, you will get a $40,000 dollar payout," continued Pergunas.

The group targets mainly women, and occasionally men.

"It is going to be other business women, other stay at home moms, other people who have been recruited into this, that probably don't realized that what they are doing is illegal. This is going to be your neighbors and your coworkers, and regular members of society that maybe haven't done the research required to know that this is a scam," warned Pergunas.

The Drumheller RCMP urge residents to do their research before investing in anything, and to know that it is legal.

You can report occurrences of this behaviour to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

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