Driver safety is a concern no matter the weather outside, but with the chill in the air and the sun setting earlier, the Drumheller RCMP urge the public to remember headlight safety.

"Since 1991, every vehicle in Canada is required to have daytime running lights. In order for daytime running lights to be valid, you as the operator cannot have the ability to turn them off. Obviously, for safety reasons is why that act has been implemented and it is so that you can be seen by other users of the highway," explained Constable Eric Doucette of the Drumheller RCMP.

While daytime running lights are required by law, the choice to turn your headlights on could also help drivers in bad weather conditions.

"When it comes to poor weather conditions such as snow, fog, heavy rain, it's much safer for you to not only have your daytime running lights on but to also have your headlights on," continued Doucette. "The reason for that is because the daytime running lights sometimes have a lower intensity than the headlights. As well, having your headlight switch on turns on your taillights, which also makes you seen from the back."

Doucette went on to say that he sees many fog-related incidents during this time of year, especially on top of the north hill heading to Morrin.

"If you are driving from Morrin to Drumheller, it takes you fifteen minutes, but it is going to take you longer in the fog. If you are still going one hundred kilometers per hour when you should be going significantly slower, you are creating hazards for people on the highway," concluded Doucette. "Slow down: if you are traveling below 70 kilometers per hour activate your four-way flashers as well, and if you do not feel comfortable driving, move completely off the highway."

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