A recent online video of a police officer in Alberta running a deer over repetitively with a police vehicle has people's stomach turning. 

The video was posted online last week and has many people asking why the deer wasn't shot on scene.

Acting Detachment Commander of the Drumheller RCMP explains what the RCMP would have done in that situation.

"As the national police service, we do patrol and are responsible for large portions of wild and untamed Canada. We are all over the country and we regularly run into situations where we have wildlife that has been struck by a vehicle or is injured and needs to be humanely dispatched. So, that means that we, in our best decision, put that animal out of its misery using as  direct force as possible and that typically would mean shooting the animal."

Sherk went on to explain that a Conservation Officer is always called in this situation, but if they are unavailable at the time, the police take the lead of the situation.

"I have never seen another way that would be acceptable to dispatch an animal roadside. It can seem abrupt and fairly violent, but the animal usually has broken bones and injuries that aren't going to be treated by a veterinarian, and it is suffering," continued Sherk.

Having to put any animal down is never a good day, no matter your occupation, but Sherk explained this situation happens weekly.

" I have been asked several times why aren't we try to transport the animal to the vet or the SPCA. It would literally come down to cost to who would pay those incredibly high costs of taking care of wild animals. We have a lot of deer strikes every single week, and if we were trying to have veterinary help every single week, the costs would be enormous," concluded Sherk.

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