A recent arrest by Gleichen RCMP is good news for at least one Drumheller family.

On October 3, Mounties assisted with a well-being check at a residence on the Siksika Nation. In the course of their investigation, police located a loaded firearm and a mass of stolen property.

The items recovered included two holiday trailers, a motor home and a tractor reported stolen from Calgary, Strathmore and Drumheller. One of the trailers was taken in Drumheller. We don't have the owner's name. The estimated value of the stolen property is about $400,000.

"We're dealing with an issue with drugs in this area," stated Corporal Scott Mercer of the Gleichen RCMP. "It's not surprizing that some peoples' property is being taken and unfortunately being used for the same purposes, for the exchange of drugs and other contraband."

"Times are changing in the sense that you can't just leave stuff out on a rural property and expect it to be there (afterwards) when you go away on vacation," he continued. "You've got to take the necessary steps to ensure that it's being protected, whether that's having an alarm system, locking it up or just having a good neighbor keep an eye on your property and notify police if anyone's kind of snooping around."

25 year old Jayde Bullbear of the Siksika Nation and 31 year old Jennifer Daigle of Gleichen are charged with possession of stolen property, unauthorized possession of a firearm and unsafe storage of a firearm.

They were released after a judicial hearing and will be appearing in Siksika Provincial Court on October 18, 2018.

"It can be frustrating on our end: it's really up to the Crown Prosecutor and the Justice to determine how they're going to be released," noted Mercer. "Sometimes we fight the good fight and they get out, but we keep tabs on them and make sure that they don't repeat their offenses."


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