A series of complaints has found some residents in the valley without a certain mode of transportation.

Bicycles in the Drumheller area have been going missing and being, allegedly, stolen. Unless you're a professional bike racer or mogul rider, a bike can be fairly cheap. Which begs the question, why don't these thieves just go buy a bike?

"Of course, with anything, prevention is the best fight against crime," Instructs Staff Sgt. Kevin Charles of the Drumheller RCMP. "If you do own a bicycle, I don't suggest leaving laying around anywhere. Make sure you lock it up. Get a good quality bike lock."

This applies to using the bi-pedal device to travel around the area.

"If you're going to the store or travelling downtown," Charles continues. "Lock it up appropriately."

If your bike does get stolen, immediately, report it to the RCMP. Theft is a serious crime and Staff St Charles assures that when a theft is reported, the RCMP will react in the necessary way.

"If you see someone else, that you believe, is on your bicycle, call the police and report that," Staff Sgt. Charles said. "If you see it in someone's yard, you can not enter that yard. Call the police and we will deal with it appropriately."

Staff Sgt. Charles also recommends marking or engraving your bicycle to set it apart from other bicycles, almost like tattoos for humans, and recording the serial number of the bike to help identify the bike if, in fact, it is your stolen property.

Keep your bicycle locked up when not in use with a bike chain, in a shed or in a garage.

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