People in East Central Alberta are cautioned to be on the lookout for people posing as pavers.
"Not too long ago, we had a fella that was approaching people at their rural residences claiming that he had leftover pavement from a construcion site and that he was willing to give the pavement to them at a considerable discount," reported RCMP Corporal Trent Sperlie of the Hanna detachment. "We confirmed that the construction site didn't exist and that they didn't have any kind of a business license or sellers license or anything like that."
"They come in and they put down a very thin coating of pavement and, within three months, the gravel is already coming up through it," he remarked. "People have to be very careful when someone is approaching them and offering them something that sounds like it's too good to be true."
Sperlie says the RCMP hear about this almost every spring and there's not a lot they can do about it other than try to educate people.
"I won't say that these people are deliberately coming out to rip you off, just take your money and leave without doing anything, but if they're going door to door to sell you cheap paving services, likely they don't have an established business or a skill in that type of a trade," he told Drum FM.
Sperlie knows that in today's economy many people are hungry for a deal, but he cautions if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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