It might not be the right season for the Canadian Badlands Passion Play to take place, but that doesn't mean they don't have exciting upcoming events. 
"January 15, the Sunday, at 3:00 p.m. at the BCF, Memories of Christmas Choir Concert is coming back to Drumheller. We might do a 1950's rock concert in February, but we're still nailing the details down on that one," stated Vance Neudorf, Executive Director for the Passion Play. 
"Other than that there's a lot coming down, but nothing I can officially announce yet. I think there's some real exciting stuff for next summer that I'm hoping will get people really jazzed. It's all out there (with) contracts being written (and) we're getting stuff together, but nothing that I can say 'here's the results'. We are only in December, we'll get some of that nailed down by early January for sure and put out the official word on things."
With 2016 coming to a close in a few weeks, it's time for local businesses and non-profit organizations to close out the year. 
The Passion Play had a great year with Paul Brandt and Blue Rodeo, but they also had some losses. 
"First we need to retire some debt from 2016. Between our season loss and concert loss, we just put out a new fundraising newsletter saying we still have $85,000 dollars to raise by the end of the year. We have some exciting stuff in 2017, but first you got to lay the foundation and part of that means you've got to close 2016 off well," explained Neudorf. 
"We had that rainy spring and that just really swatted ticket sales. People call it the summer of storms, some places are calling it the rainiest spring on record, but whatever it was you lose shows and lose attendance and we ended up 50,000 behind in revenue in ticket sales. Then you have a concert that didn't really work and that was our attempt at a matinee concert which was not successful, so we lost some money on that one. We're still trying to dig ourselves out and get ready for next year," outlined Neudorf. 
Neudorf mentioned that this is a difficult time for everyone, but it does take each person to pull together to get through. 
"Sitting on with Travel Drumheller and Badlands Tourism, we've got all kinds of things to be happy about down here in the valley, as long as everyone comes together. There's fundraiser's going on all over the place, Atlas has one coming up, there's one coming up for New Years Eve that's a cool one," Neudorf expressed. 

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