Police are reminding farmers and farm owners about the dangers of old dynamite found on farms across the province.

(Photo submitted by RCMP)


According to RCMP historic rules in the province allowed farmers and miners to easily access dynamite, which is now decaying in barns and buildings on farms.

"If you needed dynamite to clear land, do whatever you needed to do around the farm, homestead or operation, you could go an buy a box of dynamite," explained Corporal Paul Zanon of the RCMP Explosives Disposal Unit. "A lot of times you didn't need a box, but that's how you bought it."

He says inactive dynamite starts to "sweat" nitroglycerine over time, which start to crystallize externally on dynamite and can start to pool at the bottom of a box. When this happens, the dynamite can become explosive when just slightly jarred.

Not only is decaying dynamite an issue, but so are detonators made between 1918 and 1965. These detonators contained lead azide, which is an explosive crystalline compound found in primers and fusers.

"The detonators is bit of a different issue, we don't see them as much, but those are out there as well, said Cprl. Zanon. "There are really old detonators are really dangerous. The more modern ones are dangerous if you detonate them."

Old dynamite and detonators can usually be found in old buildings around a farm or ranch.

"Old buildings, sheds, cars, crawl spaces, attics, you name it (but) not normally in the house, you wouldn't necessarily see it in the house, but you're going to have it in the old buildings," reported Zanon.

Police recommend farm families who are thinking about cleaning out old buildings and believe they may have explosives, to call RCMP to handle the old dynamite safely.


 (Photo submitted by RCMP)




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