A former Brooks Bandit goalie, who battled the Drumheller Dragons, has found himself moving up to the NHL to play for the Calgary Flames. 
Chad Johnson has been playing hockey his whole life and his grandmother, Alice Laslo from Drumheller, couldn't be more proud of him. 
"Just these here times where I can see all these things, and go and do all these things is exciting for me. I've been around hockey a lot, cause our boys played hockey too, but to be part of something is just really awesome," expressed Laslo. "Even going down into the bottom of the Saddledome, it's so special. I just hope for the best for him, all I can do is cheer him on." alice laslo 1
Johnson is one of the best known travelling players as he's played for New York Islanders, Boston Bruins, Arizona Coyotes and now Calgary Flames.
"His demeanour has always been kind of calm and collected, and I think for him, he's always going to get better and better and better.
I think his mentality is 'take what comes'." 
This past Friday, January 20, the Brooks Bandits awarded Johnson as part of their Wall of Fame. 
"His whole career has been away, it probably is a little more pressure in every way, because he's busier, with his family and all the things that have been going on for him lately," Laslo mentioned. 
"There was a game that night, the Brooks Bandits against Calgary, they had made up all the sweaters for the Brooks Bandits players with his name on it, on the backs of all the players when they went to warm up, (they said) Johnson, and then they had a little Flames thing on the sleeve," explained Laslo.
"It was really nice, they had signing for everyone who wanted it, and there was a big line up for him. After that they had a thing up on the (jumbotron), showing all the way from when he was playing from when he was small, and all the way up in Calgary, and then Brooks, cause that's where he put in two years, and then down to the States."
Alice Laslo noted to 99.5 Drum FM that she doesn't like to brag about her grandson, so we caught wind of her family generations through local Jamie Worman. 
"We had a nice visit and he's really a Flames fan. I wasn't going to say anything," Laslo stated. 
"I realized how much he liked hockey and I've been with hockey all my life. It was a really nice talk with him, very nice fellow. I imagine the amount of times that if he ever could get in, he'd enjoy the Calgary games too."
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