Love your season tickets to the the Flames and wish you could have that same experience elsewhere? Rosebud Theatre has you covered this year with the introduction of its new subscription-based ticket options.

Frank NickelFrank Nickel.

"As a mid-sized non-profit, we spend a lot of our precious resources: other people's money, donor's money, on our marketing side," explained Frank Nickel, the Executive Director of Rosebud Theatre. "And, what we realized is we were spending a lot of our money and our resources trying to communicate with our season subscribers to come to the shows."

Instead of marketing towards the same people year after year, Rosebud now allows people to purchase a year's worth of tickets, in the same seats ahead of the season opener. This gives Rosebud the infusion of cash it needs at the beginning of the season to market the show to new visitors while also allowing patrons to lock in their dates and their favourite seats.

This new subscription model is not new at all, at least in the grand scheme of things.

"The subscription model is pretty standard. Subscription models typically always have been 'hey, if you want to give us your money six months in advance and really buy in and be part of the Rosebud family, we're going to give you a big discount'. In exchange for that [loyalty], we're going to guarantee you your seat for the entire season."

To avoid people getting "stuck" with tickets they can't use, Rosebud will let subscribers transfer dates, seats or even give the tickets away.

"We found that people really do like sitting in the same seats. It's the same thing as if you were to buy season's tickets to the Flames," said Nickel. "You give them your money and they give you your seats and every home game, 'boom!' they're your seats. And if you give them to friends and family, it's totally up to you. We're just joining the trend."

Rosebud has one play left of the 2017 season: Cariboo Magi, opening Nov. 10. The theatre's 2018 season begins in April with Driving Miss Daisy.

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