Technology has been advancing over the years and some new rules have been created specifically for drones.

"Drones are becoming more popular, obviously a lot cheaper for people to afford as well. With the increase in drones, there have been a lot of near misses across Canada," stated Staff Sergeant Kevin Charles of the Drumheller RCMP.

Transport Canada created specific rules for drone operators to ensure safety to the public.

"You cannot fly a drone higher than 90 meters off the ground, within 75 meters of buildings, vehicles, vessels, people or crowds and closer than 9 kilometres from the centre of the airport. If you think of Drumheller, that essentially concludes the valley," Charles explained.

"You have to go somewhere where it is unpopulated. Even with parks, there's a chance of people being there you (and) cannot fly within 75 meters of where there are people."

Other rules include not operating your drone in clouds, at night, within nine kilometres of a forest fire and more.

"The whole idea behind Transport Canada's rules is for safety. They want to make sure people are flying these drones in a safe and responsible manner with no risk to the public," Charles expressed.

So, does he think this will create more work for the Drumheller RCMP Detachment?

"I don't think we'll be that busy. The rules are the rules, people in the valley are good at following the rules. Those that choose to not follow them, obviously they can expect a little chat from the police."

For the full laws on drones, follow this link.

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