Another controversial decision by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the MP for Battle River-Crowfoot scratching his head.
Appearing in Drumheller on Monday, January 8, Kevin Sorenson questioned a photo-op that Trudeau staged with former Taliban hostage Joshua Boyle, who has since been jailed on criminal charges.
"We have a prime minister that tends to want to fly by the seat of his pants. We see Josh Boyle visiting with the prime minister a few days ago and today he's being held in prison," remarked Sorenson. "It's more who and why is our prime minister trying to endear himself to some of these that are very questionable characters."
Boyle and his wife made national headlines in October, 2017 when they were freed after five years as hostages in Afghanistan, where they reportedly went on vacation. A week ago, he was arrested and charged with multiple counts of assault, sexual assault, forcible confinement and uttering a death threat.
"It's not just his endearing himself to the Josh Boyle's of the world, who would love to sign up with the Taliban one day and married to Omar Khadr's sister," commented Sorenson. "He has every right to do that if he chooses: I guess the question is why would he?"
While he's not happy with the prime minister's latest move, Sorenson says what really upsets him is what the Trudeau Government is doing to Canada.
"With our south of the border relationship and NAFTA, he's backed off on the trans-Pacific partnership agreement: these are all real, concerning issues to Canadians, especially because we so much depend on trade with other countries around the world."
Sorenson is promising some hard questions for the prime minister when Parliament resumes sitting on January 29.

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