Did you get one of the federal government's election circulars in the mail? Did you fill out the online survey?
The Conservative MP for Battle River-Crowfoot isn't too impressed. Kevin Sorenson says you shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken.
"We have the best, strongest democracy in the world; we do election check-up around the world observing elections and seeing that they're run fairly," he observed. "They ask Canada to do it and now, we have a prime minister that says well, let's just change it."
Sorenson calls the survey questions biased and charges the Liberal Government with trying to stack the deck to get the answers they were looking for. He also accuses Prime Minister Trudeau of overstepping his authority.
"He's made small promises in an election where it's mentioned almost as a second thought that this will be the last time we vote the way we do," he recalled. "Now, he says he's elected to do this and it's not true. When you're playing with policy that's one thing, but when you're playing with democracy and the way we elect people, that is something else."
One of the proposed changes would have voters include their second and third choices alongside the favourite. Sorenson believes that will only complicate things and leave voters confused.
"Why would you ever contemplate making those types of changes without the peoples' input?," he asked. "Having a few meetings around the country where only certain people are invited to come, that's just not quite open democracy."
The parliamentary committee that recommended election reform in Canada also suggested the matter be put to Canadians in a referendum, but there has been no talk of that as yet.
If you would like to take the federal government's election survey, go online at www.MyDemocracy.ca before December 30.

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